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Revelator by Tedeschi Trucks Band

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Revelator by Tedeschi Trucks Band

Revelator by Tedeschi Trucks Band… Have you ever wondered what has happened to “American” music?  I would have to tell you that the Tedeschi Trucks Band is keeping it alive and well with their CD “Revelator”.

Take the amazingly clear voice of Susan Tedeschi. The excellent vocal quality that this performer brings forth reminds me of a young Carol King. She has that gritty strength woven with soulful feeling that is perfectly suited for a Delta blues/Memphis soul kind of tune.

Derek Trucks brings the slide guitar into play in an agile, precise fashion that is very complementary to this husband–wife teams song oriented debut album.

Solid Bass work from Otiel Burbridge drives the low end, and he has some real “chemistry” with his brother Kofi on Keys (I like the Hammond B-3 stuff the best).

Tie this together with a horn section that rocks, percussion that doesn’t miss a beat and very compatible harmonious vocals and the whole effect is impressive.

I must mention the other nine musicians, as a whole this group is a very tight unit.

  • Derek Trucks – Guitar
  • Susan Tedeschi – Guitar & Vocals
  • Oteil Burbridge – Bass Guitar
  • Kofi Burbridge – Keyboards & Flute
  • Tyler Greenwell – Drums & Percussion
  • J.J. Johnson – Drums & Percussion
  • Mike Mattison – Harmony Vocals
  • Mark Rivers – Harmony Vocals
  • Kebbi Williams – Saxophone
  • Maurice Brown – Trumpet
  • Saunders Sermons – Trombone

I really enjoyed the entire CD but let me list a few of my favorites…

“Come See About Me” is a great opening number. They get your attention in the first thirty seconds when you get a taste of the entire ensemble. Memphis Blues done up in full, rich music, vocals, bass, horns, percussion… it is all there!

“Midnight in Harlem” takes us down a more soulful, bluesy path. I enjoyed the sweet organ work and great blending of vocals and instruments; Superb lead vocals from Susan!

“These Walls” actually opens with a Sitar! I had a sudden flashback of when the Beatles brought Ravi Shankar to our attention. I was really impressed how the Sitar fit right in with the modified “Indian percussion”. Again, I can’t tell you enough how much soul and feeling Susan brings to the table through out the whole work.

Let’s sum this up. If you are feeling like a little Delta blues, Memphis soul, Sixties rock or Seventies funk…. This is just the CD for you!

Listening to all the superb music just made me want to catch them live!

Check out for tour dates and more information.

Revelator by Tedeschi Trucks Band available at

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