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Revelry Now by John Carey

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Revelry Now by John Carey

Revelry Now by John Carey… I have been waiting to hear John Carey play since I read and reviewed his, “The Working Bassist: What You Really Need to Know to Survive in New York City” in our February 2009 issue.

“Revelry Now” is a collection of well-known standards and popular tunes (Elvis, The Beatles etc.). Each of these selections is presented in what I would describe as a “Stripped down” version; Voice, Bass and Drums make up the entire musical structure. This approach is bold in that each of the performers parts is quite clear and noticeable. It is kind of like a car with only a chassis, a motor and a driver. Nothing is hidden here!

John’s playing is the solid frame for the songs. He often takes a chord/arpeggio approach that allows him to add tone to the percussive task of grooving; You can’t miss all fine detail of his playing. John also helps out with background vocals and some percussion.

Frank Bellucci on drums is the steady “motor” that keeps the tempo and constant movement happening.
Fawn Segeson is the “drivers seat” of our transparent vehicle. Her sultry, soft, sexy, kind of dreamy vocals are a prominent part of all the takes. Most of the selections are down-tempo and really lend themselves to Fawn’s vocal style.

The huge challenge of this kind of CD is to take on tunes that were so popular and re-work them in a totally different way. The listening audience might really enjoy the new approach or feel that the change is too drastic. It is all an issue of personal preference; I myself find that these modified songs kind of grow on you.

Tracks that caught my attention include:

“Moon River” is a tune I used to listen when I was about five. The familiar lyrics and smooth musical support make this a refreshed favorite.

“Someone Like You” is a more contemporary cut. Very nice bass arpeggios and interesting tom-toms give this cut a certain driving feel.

“Don’t Let Me Down”… This Beatles classic brings us a familiar bass line in a slower paced package. McCartney’s lyrical approach to the bass is captured very nicely on this tune.

“Lowrider” does give us a more upbeat tune to listen to. Fawns voice replaces the horns and the bass line has a nice groove.

Interested in hearing a little something familiar in a whole new way? Check out this recording out of NYC!

Available at iTunes and CD baby

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