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Kenny Weydener by Kenny Weydener

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Kenny Weydener by Kenny Weydener

Kenny Weydener by Kenny Weydener… You can imagine that I listen to a lot of CD’s and I feel fortunate that a select few of these are dedicated to the bass as the principal instrument with the dominant voice.

Kenny Weydeners’ CD is one such recording. Kenny demonstrates his mastership of his instrument from start to finish and all of the music here is composed and performed by Kenny himself. Thanks to the technique of using multiple tracks we are treated to an interesting bass melody intertwined with drums.

The entire recording is nicely balanced and I didn’t feel like there was anything missing. Many times the sheer beauty of our chosen instrument is just inspiring.

“Testosterone Grande” is Kenny’s’ opening number. It is the “Look what I can do with my bass” number; Short but sweet, Kenny has a sense of humor!

“Acid” is a great tune to start your day with. It has a driving, edgy feel. I think it would be perfect for a Latin “Rocky” theme. Decent groove, melodic chords with changes and some nice soloing make this tune a total package; I like to listing to it as I commute.

“Awakening” paints a musical picture of the sunrise and life ‘getting moving’ in the morning; the use of the harmonics made me think of rays of light.

“Heart” is another that took my mind other places. I personally thought of the New Mexico High desert; The weave of a steady tempo, harmonics and melody with a slight flamenco feel transported me as if I were looking out a window and viewing the scenery.

“Crusher” has a badass funk groove. Deliberate and purposeful this tune would make a great sound track for an action flick. This cut makes your lip cur; Bad is good!

I think you get the idea that this CD is loaded with the kind of music that elicits images, brings up feelings, takes you places and tells the story of life the way that paint does this on canvas.

Nice work Kenny and thanks for sharing your music! See where Kenny Weydener’s music takes you!

Kenny Weydener by Kenny Weydener Available on iTunes

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