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Rumble Fish by Fabio Zaganin

Rumble Fish by Fabio Zaganin… I always get a little excited when I get a CD from Brazil, as I am a huge fan of Brazilian music (See one of my previous reviews).

Therefore, I was anxious to listen to Brazilian bassist Fabio Zaganin’s debut Album “Rumble fish”.

The first thing that I noticed is that Fabio is more of a “Serious Rocker” than a traditional Brazilian music kind of guy. He clearly is highly proficient at his craft and shows precise and skilled execution of his bass work.

Claudio Tchernev accompanies Fabio on drums and Joe Moghrabi on guitar; There are no vocals on this CD. All together, these guys really shred it up. This group puts out some very high energy, upbeat Rock with an occasional glimpse of their Brazilian roots.

One of My favorite tracks include:

“King Crepax” the opening number sets the tone as Fabio establishes his total bass presence. Changes in tempo and feel keep this interesting and every musician has a chance to play their hearts out.

I can see that Fabio Zaganin has what it takes and is a powerful player to keep an eye on in the near future.

Rockers world wide, Check this one out!

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