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Travelling Time an Album by Everyman of Parts by Joshua Barnhart

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Travelling Time an Album by Everyman of Parts by Joshua Barnhart

Travelling Time an Album by Everyman of Parts by Joshua Barnhart… Travelling Time and album by Everyman of Parts is a project spear headed by a friend and fellow bassist Andrew Sheron.

“A rising star in the electric bass community, Andrew Sheron picked up the instrument in October 2005 and has since played with Kenwood Dennard, Gil Goldstein, Eli Newberger, Alex Foster, David Fiuczynski and many others. His signature artificial harmonics techniques have caught the eyes of bassists and non-bassists alike, and make his style instantly recognizable.”

When I was at Berklee with Andrew he was know as a shredder. Someone with burning chops, unique style and technique that was unmatched by his peers. Which makes this album an extremely pleasant surprise. Every note on this album is in service to the music. Most young musicians would play more ‘center of the universe’ role in their debut album and choose to flex some muscle. On this album not only does Andrew play bass, both electric and upright, but also guitar, mandolin, piano, sings and just about every other instrument. The muscle he flexes on this album is his versatility not only on each instrument, but also on each track. His sound ranges from Jeff Buckley and Goyte on tracks like Arid Eyes, Treasure, and Myrmidon. To Rage Against the Machine and Alice in Chains on tracks Dirty Laundry, White Lines, and Are You Cold? With just a touch of Mumford and Sons’ sound on Handlebars and End of the Rope.

The album is based on the 7 stages of grief. If you’re not grooving by stage two, you should feel guilty! Each track from the beginning to end will keep you guessing. No cookie cutter song writing here. If you think you can peg an artist’s style on the first track, I dare you to listen to this album and leave a comment.

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