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Ultimate Scale Workout by Joshua Barnhart


Ultimate Scale Workout by Joshua Barnhart

Ultimate Scale Workout by Joshua Barnhart…  Here is a final collection of all the exercises we’ve covered so far. Here are all the scales and some arpeggios you run into on a regular basis.

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A quick explanation of abbreviations

  • Asc-Ascending
  • Dec-Descending
  • Seg-Segment
  • Myxo-Myxolydian
  • Dia-Diatonic
  • Chro-Chromatic

So the first line is the Major Scale. First thing we do is play the scale up and down one octave or two. Secondly we play the intervals. Broken 3rds. So we start with the root, then the third, then we move up and play the second and the fourth, then the third and the fifth and so on. Start with one octave then try reaching for two. Next we move on to scale segments. A 4 note segment is one through four. Then two through five and three through six and so on. Now onto the arpeggios. We play the chord tones in all inversions. After that we approach everything from a diatonic tone from above or below. So we would play two, one, four, three, six, five, one, seven, nine, eight. That would be one octave, we then play that back down seven, eight, four, five, two, three, seven, eight.  Then do the same thing with chromatic approaches. Next we approach the chord tones one at a time with a chromatic step either from above or below into the chord tone.

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