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Blomp by Doug Johns, A CD Review

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Blomp by Doug Johns, A CD Review

Doug Johns - BLOMP SamplerBlomp by Doug Johns… Over the years, we have seen a lot of Doug Johns in Bass Musician Magazine! As one of our earliest supporting staff writers, Doug has shared a huge amount of his vast bass techniques through his video lessons.

Here are links to just a few:

And here is a review of one of his previous CDs:

We have interviewed Doug:

Here he is shredding at Winter NAMM:

And this is just skimming the surface!

Now, I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to review this funky piece of work!  (And I am not just saying this because Doug included BMM in the list of illustrious Bass icons that he thanked… we are truly honored Doug!)

So, What is Blomp?

The definition of blomp, per Doug, (don’t try to look this up as you will find blimp instead);

n.[ from Funk, nuhh!] The loud resonating sound heard following a band-leaders request to hit me, as Hit Me. Blomp.

v.1. To make a loud resonating sound, esp. following request to hit me one time.

2.The act of making two similar, resonating sounds, esp. following request to hit me two times.

3 In extreme Funky situations, one may blomp three times. Blomp, Blomp, Blomp.

A Sample…

As you can tell from the sample, Doug Johns has recruited a great group of musicians and has put together one tight, well-arranged, often syncopated hot mess of tasty Funk! Most of the set list is of Doug’s own composition and a lot is nicely upbeat.

Lets look at a few of the tracks…

“Speak in Tongues” is a great opening tune as it comes out swinging! It starts with a rather simple riff and suddenly a machine gun drum roll kicks everything into high gear. The horn section compliments the bass/drum interaction and the synth completes the mix. This is a great song to start your day!

“Eye of the Bison” opens with a “Middle Eastern” percussive groove and builds up layers as the horn section crescendos and follows with a funky strut. The pieces come together harmonically and then there is a nice smooth run sandwiched between the layers. Doug does interject some guitar here and there,  but the bass is what brings it all together

“Ya Gotta Get Up Early” works vocals into the serious funk movement. Horns, drums and bass provide the perpetual motion machine that the lyrics ride on. This tune rolls right along and Doug cuts loose near the middle. Very cool!

“Earth and Sky” departs from the funk and offers us a majestic musical picture of the beauty of our planet. Close you eyes and use you imagination to envision your favorite scenery! Superb bass melody intertwined with the soprano sax and drums bring this track to life.

“For Andy” is the track Doug plays by himself. Hauntingly beautiful and melancholy, this cut is truly moving. Simple and pure, Doug lets us hear his unadulterated “voice” and it is flawless.

Well, that should give you an idea what to expect in “Blomp”!

Listen to these and other tracks on Doug’s website,

Better yet…. Buy this CD! It makes a great addition to any respectable Bass collection! BLOMP is available at Doug Johns website

Great CD Doug!

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