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Doug Johns | “Pocket Fulla Nasty” : Recommended Listening With Damian Erskine

Doug Johns
“Pocket Fulla Nasty”

You may recall from my review of Doug’s previous self-titled CD that I was really impressed with both his playing and writing. Well, I’m happy to report that “Pocket Fulla Nasty” is exactly what is says and blows the first release out of the water! Doug’s also recruited some of my favorite players on here (Oz Noy on guitar and Otmaro Ruiz on Keys for example…. whoo!). Doug’s playing is very deep and chocked FULL of groove and pocket. He has a hard plucking technique (almost sounds slapped, but I don’t believe it is. More of a hybrid with a heavy finger-style plucking) that really is key to his ability to pull a wealth of tone, overtones and sounds out of his bass that only come with great technique and attention to detail. The tunes are heavy with groove, a bit rocking here and there, a little sweet here and there but, for the most part, nothing but great bass work and a stellar band! The tunes are very cool as well.A very heavy lesson in groove-ology is in store with this one… Highly recommended.

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