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Some Velvet Morning’s Single “How to Start a Revolution” by Allee Futterer

SMV-1With every movie comes a great anthem! The anthem at hand is British rock trio-Some Velvet Morning’s single “How to Start a Revolution” which will be featured in James McAvoy’s movie “Filth” set for release later this year! The song is a powerful intro to the rest of SMV’s newest album “Allies”. Taking you on a musical journey through English rock history touching over U2, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and eventually landing us right back in Shoreditch in a club filled with hipsters consuming every last second of their youth.

Though so far only one track has been picked up for film, the whole album could be. Its musical subtleties make it enjoyable for almost any age group.

While it is definitely a rock album many elements of it are much softer and don’t berate you with distortion heavy guitar that is completely unlistenable.  I would say this album is for fans of music and all kinds of rock. An incredible contribution to the tradition.


The trailer below is a sneak peak of “Filth”. Go find SMV’s song in the film!

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