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Funkulator Combines Simplicity and Great Tone


Funkulator Combines Simplicity and Great Tone

funkulator-webSlap bass is a love/hate thing. We all love the fact that it’s fairly easy to pick up and sound somewhat proficient on. We hate the fact that as soon as you start playing slap, your tone falls short. Suddenly, it’s lost in the mix with no definition and everyone is wondering “what is THAT guy doing?!” So we try to compensate for that by trying out filters, equalizers, compressors, limiters, etc.. with varying levels of success. But we’re still left wanting a simple, easy to use solution that will bring the funk each and every time with a minimum of effort.

Enter the Funkulator, by Creation Audio. Based upon decades of firsthand experience on the road and in the studio, it features a preset EQ designed to give you “Marcus Miller in a box,” with the simple flexibility that one knob can provide. Dial in as much or as little of the preset as you need to keep your slap sound shaking the floor and supporting the band.

First thing I noticed when plugging the pedal in is that the logo lights up. THE LOGO LIGHTS UP. That, in and of itself, makes this probably my favorite pedal to date. Then I turned it on and started working with it. The beauty of the Funkulator is in the sheer simplicity of it. Immediately, that elusive slap tone that I’d been hunting for but rarely been successful at finding was right there (and for me, it’s between 11 o’clock and 2 o’clock, depending on mood). And because it’s only one knob, you can throw this in your gigbag, take it out and get that same sound over and over again. It’s easy to dial in, easy to get a great tone, and easy to recall that tone consistently.

However, don’t think that the Funkulator is just limited to our slap bass brethren, oh no. When playing fingerstyle, I was able to get some nice, thick tones. With the pedal cranked completely clockwise, I could grab some heavy dub tones. Whatever the style you want to play, the Funkulator is ready to help you sculpt the sound, quickly and easily.

The Funkulator from Creation Audio is one of those “Wow! I wish I’d have thought of that!” type ideas. Take a great EQ preset, make it simple to use and dial in, and put it in a stomp box. And with a street price of $149 for a handmade in the USA pedal, you really can’t go wrong. So go ahead, make your funk playing that much easier and more fun with the Funkulator.

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