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Road Rash, a Book Review by Eric Parsons

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Road Rash, a Book Review by Eric Parsons

Road Rash, a Book Review by Eric ParsonsFull Disclosure – Road Rash is a book about a drummer, not a bass player.  As a result of this oversight, this book does not address important matters such as flatwound vs. roundwound strings or when to choose a tube amp over a solid state… also the author of Road Rash, Mark Huntley Parsons, is my brother.

Road Rash offers a peek behind the tattered curtains, providing a glimpse of what it’s like to be on the road with an unsigned club band.   Zach, a 17 year old drummer, narrates this tale about a small-town  band out for a summer tour.   It’s an entertaining YA (young adult) adventure that is surprisingly accurate about all the little things that can make or break the good times:  band politics and rivalries, the challenges of  catering to the varying regional tastes of audiences, dealing with less than stellar accommodations, crappy band management and of course… getting tangled up in love.  Whether you want to experience life on the road with the band for the first time or to  relive those glory days, Road Rash offers the goods.  To learn more go to Road Rash

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