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Phil Jones Bass H850 Headphones: Review



H850 Headphones from Phil Jones Bass

As musicians, we’re always looking for the best quality sound, whether that’s in our rig or in something as simple as a pair of headphones. And as bass players, we’ve amassed quite a collection of headphones that may work in some environments (like casual listening), but fail at others (private practicing). Thankfully, Phil Jones Bass has released the World’s First Pair of Headphones Dedicated to Bass Players with the H850 Headphones. Combining style with the trademark PJB high standard of quality, these headphones are an ideal addition to your equipment, at an enticing price point.

You can head over to the PJB Website and read about the specs of the H850 headphones, as well as some of the background of them. Upon receiving them, I took a good look at the aesthetics. They are well made and look very sleek; if you didn’t know it, you’d think they cost a lot more than the $99.95 pricetag that these command. They feature a removable cord (which I find incredibly helpful) and excellent acoustic isolation, which I noticed right away as I put these on. I also noticed how comfortable this pair of headphones was to wear. Oftentimes, the ones that look good don’t always feel good, especially when you’re using them for an extended period of time.

Okay, so they feel good. But how do they sound? According to the PJB Website, the H850 are the “first pair designed specifically to bridge the gap between high-quality music and deep and clear bass,” and I found that to be incredibly accurate. Upon using them for casual listening, I found the response to be excellent across the board, especially in keeping the bass frequencies focused and tight. You could hear everything, and in true PJB fashion, it sounded amazing. First test was a success.

The second test I ran the H850 headphones through was to use them with the PJB BigHead Mobile Headphone Amp for some late night practicing. Again, the headphones excelled in the application that they were designed for. My bass was clear, present and punchy with a focused low end. Adding in an auxiliary sound (either the metronome or something from the playlist on my iPhone) didn’t muddy up the sound at all, or cause any distortion. They made practicing in this type of environment enjoyable.

If you’re just looking for a great sounding set of headphones that you can also use as a practice tool, the PJB H850 Headphones will do it. But, after taking the call to sub on a couple of theatre gigs where you’re relying on headphones for personal monitors, I felt this was the ideal final test to not only hear how they’d handle this gig, but also find out how comfortable the headphones would be after a two and a half hour show.

In the theatre pit, these headphones once again excelled and exceeded my expectations. The clarity that I already knew was there was still dependable; voices from a couple doors down were clear and audible, and all the other instruments sounded great. Usually the problem with using a regular pair of headphones in this application is that everything starts to sound muddy and compressed; not so with the H850. I have used a number of different headphones and in-ear monitors in this exact setting, and the H850 are the one set that have sounded the best. The comfort level with the H850 was also well above expectations; even with really nice monitors, after a while they start to become uncomfortable.

The PJB H850 Headphones are an indispensable piece of equipment for ANY bass player. They are ideal for those practice sessions where using headphones is required, provide excellent reproduction for studio and theatre work, and are great for just casual listening. They also retail for around $99.95, which make these one of the cheaper gear purchases you’ll have to make.

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Gear News: Future Impact V4 Guitar & Bass Synth Now Available in the U.S.



Future Impact V4 Guitar & Bass Synth

Future Impact V4 Guitar & Bass Synth Now Available in the U.S….

The Future Impact V4 is an incredibly versatile pedal with an exceptionally wide range of sounds. In addition to producing synthesizer sounds such as basses, leads and pads, it can function as an octaver, chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion, envelope filter, traditional wah-wah, tremolo, reverb, etc., and even has a built-in tuner. It can also drive external synthesizer gear via the optional CV/Gate. As such, it can potentially replace an entire pedalboard of dedicated single-effect pedals. 

The very powerful signal processor of the Future Impact V4 is able to replicate the various oscillator, filter, amplifier and envelope generator blocks found in classic synthesizers. In addition, it contains signal processing blocks more traditionally used for processing the sound of an instrument such as a harmonizer block and audio effects such as chorus, distortion and EQ. These architectures complement each other in a very flexible way.

Check out this short video with new sounds:

The Future Impact V4 has a completely new hardware platform with numerous enhancements, some of which are:

– 32-bit ultra-low-noise analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters
– New app-based software architecture 
– Vastly advanced pitch tracking based on 30+ years of experience
– Hard Sync between oscillators to open new sonic worlds
– On-pedal edits that can be saved into program memories
– Total compatibility with all previous Deep Impact and Future Impact patches

Setting the standard for the bass guitar synth pedals since 2015, together with an enthusiastic community and long line of great artists, the Future Impact V4 is the guitar synth platform for the next decade. 

For more information, visit online at

Exclusive U.S. distribution by Tech 21 USA, Inc

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Gear Review: Joyo Double Thruster – Modern Bass Distortion Redefined



Gear Review- Joyo Double Thruster - Modern Bass Distortion Redefined

Review of the Joyo Double Thruster…

Disclaimer: This pedal was kindly provided by Joyo for the purpose of this review. However, this does not influence our opinions or the content of our reviews. We strive to provide honest, unbiased, and accurate assessments to ensure that our readers receive truthful and helpful information.

Introduction: When it comes to bass distortion, finding a pedal that delivers a wide spectrum of tones while maintaining the essential low end can be challenging. The Joyo Double Thruster, a modern bass distortion pedal designed to cater to the diverse needs of bassists was a pleasant surprise that we had the opportunity to review. From subtle overdrive to full-on fuzz, the Double Thruster delivers with versatility and affordability.

Specs: The Joyo Double Thruster is compact yet robust, making it ideal for both stage and studio use. Here are its key specifications:

Dimensions: 109 * 72 * 48 mm

Weight: 250g

Working Voltage: DC 9V

Controls: The Double Thruster features a comprehensive control set that allows for precise tonal sculpting:

Tone: Adjusts the overall tonal character of the distortion.

Blend: Critical for bassists, this control blends the dry signal with the distorted signal, ensuring the low end remains intact.

Volume: Sets the output level of the pedal.

Gain: Controls the amount of distortion, from mild overdrive to full fuzz.

Gain Boost Switch: Provides a noticeable boost, especially at lower gain settings, enhancing the low end and adding depth to the tone.

Mid Boost Switch: Boosts mid frequencies, helping the sound cut through the mix with greater clarity and definition.

LED Light Control: Customizes the ambient lighting of the pedal.

Performance: The Joyo Double Thruster excels in delivering a range of distortion tones while retaining the essential low end that bassists need. The blend control is particularly useful, allowing users to mix the clean and distorted signals to maintain clarity and punch. The gain boost switch adds a pleasing depth to the low end, especially noticeable at lower gain settings, while also compensating for low end loss at higher gain levels. The mid-boost switch enhances the pedal’s ability to cut through complex mixes, making it ideal for intricate playing.

In terms of versatility, the Double Thruster can emulate a variety of distortion sounds, from subtle warmth to high-mid, djenty grind. This makes it an excellent tool for bassists exploring different genres and styles.


  • Blend Control: Essential for retaining the low end in a distorted signal.
  • Size and Weight: Compact and sturdy design.
  • Rugged Construction: Durable build quality.
  • Gain and Mid Boosts: Adds versatility and clarity to the tone.
  • Affordable Price: Offers excellent value for money.


  • Plastic Knobs: May feel less premium compared to metal controls.
  • Comparison to High-End Pedals: While close, it may not fully match the tone of more expensive pedals like the Darkglass B3K, and that’s ok. The Double Thruster is a great pedal on its own!

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Joyo Double Thruster stands out as a versatile and affordable option for bassists seeking a wide range of distortion tones. Its thoughtful design and comprehensive controls make it a great tool for achieving everything from mild overdrive to full fuzz, all while maintaining the crucial low end. For bassists looking to expand their tonal palette without breaking the bank, the Joyo Double Thruster is a must-have addition to their pedalboard.

Visit online at

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Gear News: Kevin Beller… 45 Years of Pioneering Guitar Technology at Seymour Duncan



Gear News: Kevin Beller... 45 Years of Pioneering Guitar Technology at Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan, a leader in the design and manufacture of guitar pickups and musical electronics, is excited to commemorate the 45th work anniversary of Kevin Beller, the company’s esteemed VP of Engineering and a lifelong bass player. Kevin’s journey with Seymour Duncan began in 1979, just three years after the company’s founding by Seymour and Cathy Duncan, and his impact on our business and the wider music industry has been nothing short of transformative.

Over the past four and a half decades, Kevin has played a critical role in shaping Seymour Duncan’s product offerings. His initial work on developing the production line laid the foundation for the company’s reputation for excellence.

Kevin’s commitment to innovation is evident in his diverse portfolio of designs, which range from traditional pickups to modern cutting-edge musical electronics. Among his best-known designs are the now-legendary Nazgul / Sentient passive guitar pickups, APB-1 Active P-Bass pickup, Wavelength acoustic guitar pickup, the groundbreaking Convertible Amp (the world’s first modular and configurable tube amplifier, loved by Jeff Beck), the PowerStage line of pedal-sized amplifiers, which are a mainstay of many modern touring guitar rigs, 805 Overdrive and Pickup Booster pedals, and noiseless pickup designs such as the Stack Plus and recently introduced P90 Silencer.

His ability to blend technical expertise with creative vision has resulted in numerous patents and industry recognition. Kevin’s collaborative spirit has also led to successful partnerships with top artists, helping to refine and perfect Seymour Duncan’s product lines based on real-world feedback.

Seymour W. Duncan commented, “I first got to know Kevin when he came by the guitar shop where I was doing repairs, and I worked on his basses. After I founded Seymour Duncan, Kevin dropped by our first warehouse in 1979. He wanted to move from his job at a tech firm to a new challenge. He’s been our head engineer ever since, and his passion for guitars and music has been a cornerstone of our innovation.”

Cathy Duncan added, “Kevin takes such joy in creating products for musicians and it shows. He’s never happier than when guitarists tell him that he’s captured the tone they hear in their head – and 45 years later it’s still a thrill for him, and for us!”

“Seymour Duncan’s success is built on the foundation of our amazing people, and their service to musicians. No one embodies these qualities more than Kevin Beller, and we’re incredibly grateful for his 45 years of innovation,” said Marc DiLorenzo, CEO of Seymour Duncan. “His contributions helped shape our company, and we’re excited to keep bringing more of Kevin’s pioneering designs to musicians everywhere.”

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New Gear: Cort Introduces the New Artisan C4/C5 Deluxe Bass Guitars



New Gear: Cort Introduces the New Artisan C4/C5 Deluxe Bass Guitars

Cort Introduces the New Artisan C4/C5 Deluxe Bass Guitars…

Cort Guitars creates instruments that musicians love to play. The Artisan Series is for the bass player who knows the value of playing a tone-rich, affordable bass guitar that can hold up the back end. Cort Guitars launches the next phase of the series: The Artisan C Deluxe.

The Artisan C Deluxe was created with the serious bass player in mind. It is a bolt-on beauty made of lightweight poplar that allows for ease of playability with all the robust tone Cort basses are known for. The Artisan C4 and C5 Deluxe boast a pristine Hard maple neck with jatoba fretboard, 24 frets with White Dot inlays, and a 34” scale length. One more feature is the 18mm string spacing at the bridge on the C5 making playability a breeze for all styles.

This workhorse of a bass guitar comes in an array of gorgeous colors: Candy Red, Candy Blue, and Black, all tricked out with black hardware to easily stand out on stage and in front of the crowd. Bartolini® MK-1 pickups pack a punch with unparalleled clarity. A Markbass® MB-1 preamp controls Bass, Mid, Treble, Master Volume, Pickup Balancer, and an active/passive switch to manage all of the grooves and low end. The MetalCraft M4 Bridge offers better body contact and transfer of tone. Its dual-string loading system makes for easy string changes, either from the top or through the body. D’Addario® EXL165 strings complete this stellar instrument.

The Artisan C Deluxe is the go-to bass for any bass player looking to upgrade their instrument in looks and playability. No matter the genre, the Artisan C Deluxe outperforms the competition. To see the Artisan C4 Deluxe and Artisan C5 Deluxe, visit

Artisan C4 Deluxe Street Price: $449.00 USD
Artisan C5 Deluxe Street Price: $499.00 USD

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New Gear: Fuchs Audio FAT112 Bass Cabinets



New Gear: Fuchs Audio FAT112 Bass Cabinets

Fuchs Audio has introduced the FAT112 bass cabinets, offering a ported one-by-twelve design, with either a Neodymium or a Ferrite style speaker configuration. 

These cabinets are an extremely compact 16 x 16 x 13.5 deep, with a single tuned rear port, internal acoustic treatment, a metal powder-coated speaker grill with Fuchs logo, dual Neutrik Speakon and ¼” (combination jacks), and feature Penn-Elcom hardware throughout. Molded plastic locking corners allow for stable stacking, while a recessed steel handle is top-mounted for easy one-handed transport. 

These cabinets are made of an ultra-light 11/16” Plywood with an Italian poplar core and birch jacket, and they are coated in a rugged, textured sprayed black latex coating which will not crack, peel, or require replacement or repair like conventional Tolex does. The cabinets are fully corner-blocked and braced to eliminate stray resonances or vibrations, even at the most extreme sound levels. 

The FAT112N Neo cabinet is 99db efficient and handles 300 watts. This neo-equipped cabinet features a Celestion BN-12-300 bass driver, with a 2.5-inch copper voice coil on a polyamide form with a Kevlar-enhanced paper cone and cloth surround and weighs in at 18-lbs. 50-4000 Hz Frequency response, 8-ohms and weighs 18 lbs. 

The FAT112C ceramic cabinet is 94db efficient and handles 500-Watts. The cabinet is equipped with the new Celestion Pulse-12.20 bass driver with a Ferrite Magnet a 2-inch copper voice coil on a Polyimide form with a Cellulose cone and a cloth surround. 32-2200 frequency response, 8-ohms and weighs 23 lbs. 

These cabinets provide a formidable, solid low end, a rich midrange, and a thick, percussive attack with the perfect amount of clarity. 

These are now available for immediate shipment.

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