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Review: Babicz Full Contact Hardware Bridge

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Review: Babicz Full Contact Hardware Bridge

Babicz Full Contact Hardware Bridge
The Babicz Full Contact Hardware Bridge with eCAM technology (US Patent 8,525,08 B2) is a new revolution in bridge design.

I installed the bridge on a Fender jazz 4 string bass. I am usually pretty skeptical about making modifications to my basses myself but the installation was a breeze and only took about 30 minutes from the time I started removing strings until the new Babicz Full Contact Hardware Bridge was installed. I did have to remove three eCAM saddles in order to install the bridge as the screw holes are under the intonation adjustment screws. Keep in mind that when removing the eCAM saddles that the springs for the E and A strings are shorter than the ones for the D and G strings.

The installation was fast and easy and the factory settings for the string height was right in place for me with no adjustment needed. Keep in mind, depending on your preference, you may wish to adjust string height. The Babicz bridge has five holes that line up with many bass models. Intonation was easy to set up and only needed some fine tuning. The installation kit does come with the five screws that you will want to use with the bridge in place of the screws for your current bridge. It also comes with an alan wrench for string height adjustment and to lock down the intonation screw lock. The intonation screw lock keeps your intonation settings in place and is located at the front of the eCAM saddle.

What makes the Babicz Full Contact Hardware Bridge a great bridge? After the installation came the preliminary test run. I immediately noticed a difference with sustain and tone and very much for the better. If you take a look at most bridges, there is space between the components of the string saddle and the bridge. The Babicz Full Contact Hardware Bridge does not have this space, therefore when the string resonates, it has full contact with the body of the bass which gives you better sustain and tone. Check out Babicz bridges at a music retailer near you!

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