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Review: Schecter Riot-5 Session and Riot-4 Session Basses

Schecter Riot-5 Session and Riot-4 Session Basses

Review: Schecter Riot-5 Session and Riot-4 Session Basses

The latest entries in basses from Schecter in the Diamond Series is the Riot-5 Session and Riot-4 Session Basses. The Schecter Riot-5 Session bass is a 5-string flavor and the Riot-4 Session is the 4-string flavor. From the onset, both of these basses are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and even more so to the ear. These are two of the most beautifully crafted natural finish basses I have laid eyes on. Aside from the body, the other thing that immediately stood out were the large ebony blocks for the fret markers on the neck, Not only do they definitely let you know where you are on the neck, they add the visual look of the basses.

While the appearance of the basses really stand out, the tonal quality is second to none. I’ve always thought of Schecter basses more for the rock genre, but my opinion of that has now changed. Both basses are equipped with EMG pickups, the 5-string with EMG 40J as the neck pickup and the EMG 40DC for the bridge pickup while the 4-string has the EMG 35J for the neck and EMG 35DC for the bridge pickup. Both are also equipped with a 3 band EMG 18 volt EQ with master volume, blend, and 3 controls for bass, mid, and highs. The 18 volt 3 band EMG EQ gives you a number of tonalities to choose from.

The body material of both basses is swamp ash and beveled edges that make the contour stand out. The C neck is constructed of maple with 24 jumbo frets. The finish on both basses is natural satin and all the hardware is black. Speaking of hardware, the bridge is a custom Schecter bridge that allows you to either have the strings thru body or installed on the bridge. While this bass is priced in the low-mid range area, it definitely looks, sounds, and performs like many of the basses in the much higher end of the price range. Give the new Schecter Riot-5 Session and Riot-4 Session Basses available both as right and left handed models a try at a local music retailer near you!

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