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Review: Tony Grey Bass Academy Book/DVD

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Review: Tony Grey Bass Academy Book/DVD

Tony Grey Bass Academy Book2

Bass Book Review: Tony Grey Bass Academy Book/DVD

Tony Grey has performed with such greats as John McLaughlin, Hiromi, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Krantz, Dennis Chambers, and many more. Now Tony has a book/DVD geared for all bassists from beginner to advanced that wish to widen their vocabulary. Tony Grey’s Bass Academy, stated on the cover as the ultimate jazz bass guitar method is just that. While there is a brief introduction on technique, only six pages, the rest of the book focuses on characteristics of creating melodies and soloing. I was amazed at the new things I learned of just how to apply even the simplest things in just a few days going through the Tony Grey Bass Academy Book/DVD and will definitely make good use of it.

Tony’s aim in the book/DVD is to give you the tools necessary to better organize your practice time and bring out your creative side. Tony Grey’s Bass Academy Book/DVD takes you through modes, fingering patterns, solo concepts, chords, harmony, and walking bass lines. The DVD accompanies each section in the book with Tony giving examples and even solo’s at the end of many of the topics showing you that there is no limitation to what can be accomplished even with the more basic sections of this presentation. While using the DVD with the book, Tony walks you through all examples, leaving no question unanswered on what you need to do to complete the topic at hand, almost like having a private tutor.

Also included at the bottom of every page is what Tony calls the Essential Bass Library giving suggestions of great jazz bassists to listen to, the artists they performed with, and the album, record label, and date of release.When you complete Tony Grey’s Bass Academy Book/DVD, your time with instruction from Tony doesn’t have to end there.

Be sure to visit his Bass Academy online at and be able to take your level of creativity even further.

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