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Culture Clash Live! Review

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Culture Clash Live! Review

The Aristocrats, with Bryan Beller, to Release Culture Clash Live

Culture Clash Live!

We have been in close contact with bassist Bryan Beller over the years with interviews, events, DVD releases, his work at Jam Play, musical projects, videos and even a shout out. I pleasantly recall just sitting around chatting with Bryan while we waited to get into a NAMM party a couple years ago.

Here are a few links to  some of our past interviews.

Now lets talk about “Culture Clash Live”!

I am always pleasantly surprised and amazed when I have the opportunity to listen to the huge sound that just three guys can produce. This is the case with The Aristocrats latest CD.

Bassist Bryan Beller, guitarist Guthrie Govan and drummer Marco Minnemann are the three pillars that comprise this group. “Culture Clash Live” is a very cool combination of a CD and somewhat matching DVD. The footage/ soundtracks were captured at numerous locations (USA, U.K., Thailand, The Netherlands, Japan, Mexico and so forth) while the group was on a recent tour. The unique energy that can only be found during live performance is quite evident in the project. There is a great flow of musical concepts between the three musicians and often two of them held down the groove while the other cut loose and showed us their creative genius.

Each of these excellent musicians brings a serious level of skill and talent that just seems to get multiplied when you blend them together. As bass is our focus, it is clear that Bryan is a master of his craft, with his mad licks. Needless to say, the insane drum work and wicked guitar shredding matches the bass level perfectly. The arrangements are complex and precise and I enjoyed listening to the CD alone as much as I liked watching the interaction on the DVD.

This CD falls into the general category of Jazz, but it has a lot of other elements including Rock, Funk, world music and so much more and going for it. There are some really unique views on the DVD, as some of the scenes were filmed with GoPro cameras, that were attached to the instruments. The audience at these concerts couldn’t get that close!

Here is a video of the title track “Culture Clash” to whet your whistle.

The music speaks for itself and you really need to experience it first hand; check it out!

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