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Album Review: The Aristocrats with Primuz Chamber Orchestra


Album Review: The Aristocrats with Primuz Chamber Orchestra

The Aristocrats with Primuz Chamber Orchestra: String arrangements by Wojtek Lemanski

Let me start by saying that this album is NOT to be missed…

We have always enjoyed the amazing music that The Aristocrats, guitarist Guthrie Govan, bassist Bryan Beller, and drummer Marco Minnemann have performed for many years. Now, the band springs out of the ‘pandemic mothballs’ with a new album released last April in conjunction with a North American tour that started last July.

I am very familiar with this rock/fusion power trio’s usual fare but when they added in the Primuz Chamber Orchestra, the end result is most unexpected and totally mind-blowing in a whole new way.

If we start with how tight and sonically full the trio projects on its own and augment it massively with an orchestra, we get a panoramic musicality that is rich with intricate detail, full color, and splendor.

As always, Bryan lays down a perfect groove and bass scaffolding for music to grow and flourish so bass fans get everything they want. Of course, it helps that Guthrie’s guitar playing and Marco’s drumming are flawless as a fine diamond. The orchestral arrangements are immaculate and fit this music like a glove.

It is evident to me that they enjoyed working on this project as much as I did listening and that comes through in the music.

Now, I might add that some Aristocrats fans might not dig this new direction but I think that it simply demonstrates another potential path that this band has explored and is offering us to enjoy. I for one really like this direction and intend to listen to this album many more times over.

Check this album out!

The Aristocrats with Primuz Chamber Orchestra is available on

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