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Schecter Diamond Series J-Plus Bass and Diamond P-Plus 4 String Bass Review

Schecter Diamond Series J-Plus Bass and Diamond P-Plus 4 String Bass Review

Schecter Diamond Series J-Plus Bass and Diamond P-Plus 4 String Bass Review…

Two newly redesigned basses in the Diamond Series from Schecter bring a new definition to classic meets modern. What a wide spectrum of tonal ranges both of the beauties possess. Let’s start with the similarities between these two models. Both models are 20 fret, with the option of string thru body or through the Wilkinson bridge and are fitted with Ernie Ball Super Long #2849 strings. Both basses have a 12” radius for the bolt-on neck, and depending on options, the fretboard has either block or dot inlays with maple or rosewood fingerboards… more on that a little later in the review. Seymour Duncan pickups are installed in both basses with the J-Plus having Quarter Pound SJB-3 pickups for the bridge and neck positions, and the P-Plus with the Quarter Pound SPB-3 from the neck pickup and the MM SMB-4D for the bridge pickup.

The Schecter Diamond Series J-Plus and Diamond P-Plus 4 String Basses are both equipped with 18 Volt active electronics featuring a master volume push-pull knob for single coil or humbucker pickup selection, 4 way rotary pickup selector, and Seymour Duncan 2-Band Active EQ. The rotary 4 way pickup selector gives 4 different pickup options. The same options apply to both basses. Position 1 is the bridge pickup, and position 2 is the bridge and neck pickup in parallel, with position 3 placing both pickups in series, which increases output by 30%. Position 4 is for the neck pickup. There are two models of each bass available.

The Diamond J-Plus is available with a swamp ash body sporting an aged natural finish complete with maple neck and fingerboard with block inlays. The second option for the Diamond J-Plus is an alder body with an ivory finish and rosewood fingerboard with block inlays. The Diamond P-Plus is available in black with an alder body and rosewood fingerboard and a dark vintage sunburst with swamp ash body and flame maple top and maple fingerboard. Dot inlays are on both options of the P-Plus basses.

So many options, so little time. While reviewing the basses, I had a hard time choosing which one to take to the gigs, so I took both. Not only are they great for live gigs, they are also very suitable for the studio. These basses are not easy to put down once you pick them up. The setup that Schecter does before these basses are shipped is outstanding. While only the 4 strings models were reviewed, the J-Plus is also available as a 5 string with left-handed models also available. The P-Plus is only available as a 4 string and available with the left-handed option. Schecter prides itself in having their basses setup and ready to play no matter whether you are getting them from a big-box music store or a little mom-and-pop corner music store. Check out the Schecter Diamond Series J-Plus Bass and Diamond P-Plus 4 String Bass at a music retailer near you!


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