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For the Love of Bass

For the Love of Bass Guitar – Marcelino Rodriguez

For the Love of Bass Guitar – Marcelino Rodriguez

For the Love of Bass Guitar – Marcelino Rodriguez…

Been playing bass since I was 15 years old. I started on a copy of a Gibson Standard 4 string. Within a year I was in a hard rock band writing and performing original music.

Throughout the years I have owned these 4 string basses: American Fender Jazz Bass, Rickenbacker, Travis Bean, American Gibson.

I have also owned Wasburn, G&L, and Warwick 5 string basses.

I have played on 4 & 5 string fretless’ and even owned 2 custom made basses. One a 4 string fretless and the other a 6 string bass.

I really never cared about my amplification due to the fact that it just had to be loud. But for those interested I’ve had Earth, Plush, Peavey, Sunn, Ampeg, Gallen Krueger, and Mark Bass.

Don’t like any sound affects added to my sound. I just like a fat bottom.

Now after over 40 years playing my beautiful fat bass sounds in the Rock and Metal music genre I could only say that it has been a blast!

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