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For the Love of Bass

Lawrence Haber, For The Love of Bass Guitar



Lawrence Haber, For The Love of Bass Guitar

For The Love of Bass Guitar: Lawrence Haber…

Lawrence Haber Shares… I started playing bass when my friends in High School moved from playing collectible-card games to playing music. I was DJ-ing at parties with my father at the time, and loved rhythm and making people dance and sing. I didn’t realize it yet, but I had fallen in love with the bass lines of Will Lee, Anthony Jackson, Marcus Miller, and Louis Johnson.

I decided I would play bass with my friends, and lessons with legendary New Jersey instructor Joe Macaro soon followed. This started me down a more serious path pursuing music, eventually studying with Gerald Veasley, John JD DeServio, and Evan Marien. Once in college, I started playing professionally on both Electric and Upright Bass and have never looked back.

For over 20 years I have gigged primarily around the New York Metropolitan area and on the Jersey Shore playing between 100-150 shows annually.

I am grateful to have performed with many renowned bands and original artists throughout my career including Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee David Bryan (Bon Jovi), Bob Steeler (Hot Tuna), JSOUL (NBC’s The Voice), vocalist Brent Carter (Average White Band, Tower Of Power), prominent music educator Dr. Nina Kraus (Ph.D. Northwestern University), and Grammy Nominee James Hunter. I also record extensively for the award-winning international children’s music program Music Together, where I also work as a Licensing Manager. I am a Bartolini Emerging Artist and a GHS Strings Endorsing Artist.

I have come to find my sound in Jazz Basses with Bartolini pickups and electronics as well as GHS Strings. This combination has given me the warmth, clarity, and versatility required for a large variety of musical situations. I’ve been lucky to play basses with this setup from builders like Pedulla, Roscoe, and most recently a beautiful Bass Mods K534 sporting Bartolini Deep Tone Pickups and GHS Super Steels. I was always taught to have a sensitive ear and a wide dynamic range with just the touch of my hands, and a great Jazz Bass with Bartolinis and GHS Strings always gets me where I want to be instantly!

After experimenting with different amplifiers and cabinets, I have played Aguilar for the better part of 5 years. Their gear is road-worthy and works great for Electric and Upright Bass.

My primary gigs are with Music Together as well as the bands Skinny Amigo, and Funk Point 5. I also have an exciting bass and drums duo project called Collaboratory with the incredible drummer/percussionist Anthony Freda. In the near future, I intend to release music with the amazing musician Karttikeya Arul, who plays a variety of hand pan instruments. I also have a follow up to my 2015 solo album Anxiety Log in the works.  

I look forward to growing as a musician every day!

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