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iKlip Grip Pro Makes Quick Videos Easy


iKlip Grip Pro Makes Quick Videos Easy

iklip-grip-pro-mainPosting videos on social media is a vital and often necessary tool used for musicians of all genres trying to expand their reach, build their audience and hopefully sell some albums! But while our smartphones can easily tackle this task, we find ourselves having a hard time setting the phone up, hitting record, running to record the clip, etc.. Thankfully, the iKlip Grip Pro from IK Multimedia is here to help us make posting simple and easy.

iKlip Grip Pro is the next generation of IK’s well known iKlip Grip. It provides a handheld grip, mini-tripod, monopad, tripod adater and bluetooth shutter for any smartphone or tablet, in a conveniently portable package. The bluetooth shutter is removeable from the stand itself, so you can easily set up the iKlip Grip Pro where you need it and hit record, without skipping a beat.

iklip-grip-pro-compThe ball mount allows you to get your smartphone situated in the perfect angle, and the telescoping pole (which is easily locked into place) gives you up to 23″ of additional height. The iKlip itself can be removed and, because the iKlip Grip Pro uses a standard 1/4″ threaded mount, you can use a camera or microphone for it as well.

At the price of $59.99, the iKlip Grip Pro from IK Multimedia offers a lot of functionality for the price. The detachable bluetooth shutter alone is going to make your social media clips that much easier to create, and the countless options with the tripod will make it indispensable as a mobile content creation device.

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