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IK Multimedia iKlip 3 Review

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IK Multimedia iKlip 3 Review

Gigs and sessions, we all do them and a lot of times we have charts or notes, or maybe you use your device, be it Apple or Android, with software such as AmpliTube.

For myself, I use the iKlip 3 with charts for gigs and sessions. It is sturdy and it’s universal for practically any device from screen sizes of 7′ to 12.9” – the iKlip 3 goes from 6.29” all the way up to 9” in width. I’ve been using it with my iPad Air and it holds it securely in place. Another cool feature is a slot which can be used to charge your device or with velcro to secure cables and other accessories. 

Adjustments are easy.

To swivel the iKlip ball joint holder, there is an adjustment on the arm of the iKlip 3. Loosen it to adjust the holder and tighten to secure it. Same way with mounting it on a mic stand or boom. The bracket that holds your devices can swivel 360 degrees. There is a screw that can be tightened by hand and will firmly secure the iKlip 3 in place on any mic stand up to 1.2” in diameter. I have been using iKlips for years and they have never failed me, always holding my devices securely in place. 

With the iKlip 3 Video or iKlip 3 Deluxe, you can mount the iKlip 3 on top of a mic stand or tripods giving you even more mounting options.

Check out the iKlip 3 and other great products from IK Multimedia at a music retailer near you!

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