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You know Wayne Jones AUDIO… Now Get to Know Wayne Jones BASSIST

You know Wayne Jones AUDIO… Now Get to Know Wayne Jones BASSIST

Not only manufacturing the highly acclaimed Wayne Jones AUDIO range of products for bass players, Wayne Jones also happens to be a multi release recording artist and premier bass player himself.

Wayne assembled some of the most highly respected performers in Australia to perform a set at a benefit concert for Bones (Keith Elliott) on 4th December 2016. Video of this performance has just come available.

Wayne showcased five tunes from a variety of his recording releases spanning 2006 to 2016. All feature Wayne on lead bass while supported by Craig Newman on groove bass (Yes, two bass guitars on stage!).

Wayne’s recordings have charted numerous times on essential USA smooth jazz radio stations, yet the genre is not widely supported in Wayne’s home country Australia.

This is a rare opportunity to see Wayne performing with a stellar line-up.

Lead Bass: Wayne Jones
Groove bass: Craig Newman
Drums: Gerry Pantazis
Guitar: Ron Peers
Keys: Dave Carter
Sax: Greg Clarkson
Trumpet: Dave Newdick
Vocal for “I’m in the mood”: Cheryl Beattie

First song of playlist “Get Up” (to play through)

Click to view more of the set

Bass Guitars:

Wayne Jones – Fodera Monarch Elite 6 bass guitar,
Craig Newman – Sadowsky 5 String

Bass Rigs:

There were two Wayne Jones AUDIO bass rigs on stage for this live performance, each are two WJ 2×10 powered Bass Cabinets (2000 watts) with a WJBP Stereo Valve Bass Guitar Pre-Amp.

For more on Wayne Jones AUDIO, visit online:

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