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iRig Pro I/O Invaluable Music Creation Tool

iRig Pro I/O Invaluable Music Creation Tool

When I first got a iRig Pro from IK Multimedia, I thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

Finally, something small and powerful that can fit in a gigbag, and yet at a moments notice, turn my iPhone into a mobile recording studio. What could get better than that? Well, I found out about a month ago when the iRig Pro I/O was released.

What’s So Different?

The iRig Pro I/O is the next generation of the iRig Pro, and has a number of upgrades. First, it has a 1/8″ stereo headphone out with preamp and level control which make it compatible with the most recent iOS devices (that’s right, someone thought of including a headphone out!!!). An added feature is when you use the optional DC power supply, the iRig Pro I/O will charge your iDevice while in use. Finally, the iRig Pro I/O features a new MIDI out jack that gives you even more flexibility and control over your MIDI gear.

What’s That Mean In Context?

For me, it means that the moment you’re inspired, it takes no time to grab your phone, plug in the iRig Pro I/O, get a good sound and start recording. Which is exactly what I did last Thursday. I had some time and wanted to get a final version of an arrangement I wrote recorded. Plugging in the iRig Pro I/O to my computer and firing up Garage Band was a breeze, and the 1/4″ / XLR input allowed me to grab the DI off of my amp. I then quickly set the input level (with the help of the gain control and the colored lights on the unit) and then I was off.

The tone of the bass and the amp recorded brilliantly. As quickly as I set up, I was done. Previously using any other recording gear, it would’ve taken a bit more time to dial everything in and get it working. And even then, nothing else I’ve used prior had an XLR input, so that would’ve required either an adaptor or pulling a direct signal from the bass.

In Summation

The iRig Pro I/O from IK Multimedia is a great tool. The added features of this model bring in more usability and expand the capabilities of what you can record with this unit. The quality of the recording is top notch, set up is a breeze and it is still small enough to fit in the accessory pocket of your gigbag. I can’t see using anything else…well, until they improve on this amazing device.

Street price for the iRig Pro I/O is $149.99 and is available now. Visit for more information.


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