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Interview with Bassist Lucas Warford

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Interview with Bassist Lucas Warford

Interview with Bassist Lucas Warford

Interview with Three For Silver Bassist Lucas Warford…

Warford is the bassist and singer of Portland dark cabaret trio Three For Silver. His style and technique can be heard throughout their upcoming album, The Way We Burn, out on September 1, 2017 on Foggy Night Records.

Warford plays several one-of-a-kind basses, including a handmade 5-string Banjo Bass, Contrabasin, and 5-string Resonator Bass. His style goes beyond slapping, popping and chordal work. I sat down with Lucas via Skype to find out more about this bass playing… [svp][/svp]

The bass seems to become an extension of his voice, taking on new musical intonations that go far beyond any traditional basswork. The additional string of the Resonator Bass and the depth of his Banjo Bass sound like a growling orchestral upright in a portable output. His style is so hands-on that even the amount of pressure he applies to each string and stroke can be heard as its own individual nuisance.

Check out these videos that really showcase his technique:

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