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Oskar Cartaya, Raíces En Puerto Rico – August 2018 Anniversary Issue


Oskar Cartaya, Raíces En Puerto Rico – August 2018 Anniversary Issue

One of the high points of my youth was growing up in Puerto Rico.

The beautiful scenery, rich culture, fantastic music, delicious food, and the happiest, warmest, loyal people you can find are the source of many fond memories. Needless to say, when I have a chance to converse with a Puerto Rican bassist, we have so much in common that it is like a family reunion!

Oskar Cartaya arrived on the island a year before I did and we never crossed paths.

Ironically at one point I lived about a half a mile away from where he was studying music. It took a Winter NAMM show for us to actually meet in person.

Oskar’s keen focus, hard work and down to earth personality have put him on stage with some of the biggest names in Latin music, along with heavy hitters from all over the world. Join me as we learn his story and how this superb musician draws on his roots from the island to be the successful bassist and a credit to a great people.

Oskar Cartaya Interview

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Photo Credits

  • Cover Photo, Magda Cartaya
  • Aguilar Photos, Jay Denes
  • Standing B&W Photo, Jaime Garcia
  • Old San Juan Photos, Conrado Pastrano
  • Other photos used in video, Carlos Rodgarman
  • All other Photos courtesy of Oscar Cartaya






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