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Sonic Real Estate, 5th Album from Bassist and Composer Andrew Rosciszewski

Recently released is Sonic Real Estate, the fifth album from extraordinary composer/bassist Andrew Rosciszewski.

Sonic Real Estate is a collection of chamber works spanning Rosciszewski’s versatile compositional style. From the hauntingly beautiful Pie?? Wdowy, to the playful Mozartesque Allegro vivace of his Piano Trio and the electronic bombast of Sonic Real Estate, his primary goal of creating fresh, interesting, listenable music is apparent.

As the 21st century dawns, basic concepts of melody and tonality have been replaced by the intense desire to “out-weird” the next guy. The genre bending compositions of Rosciszewski blend Eastern European folk idioms with art music & Progressive Rock. Drawing inspiration from composers such as Shostakovich, Górecki and Stravinsky, Rosciszewski never loses sight of what music at its very core should be – enjoyable to an audience.

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