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Jan-Olof Strandberg News – Progressive Construction by Strandberg Project

Latest news from Bassist Jan-Olof Strandberg… Progressive Construction by Strandberg Project

The group Strandberg Project was founded in 1995 quite soon after the release of the first album “At The Music Box”. Progressive Construction is the group’s ninth release.

The original idea with Strandberg Project has been to invite musicians and friends from all over the world to perform and record with the band and to create new music together. This release is however mostly recorded with the current line up of Strandberg Project with a few very special guests like the world class Beatboxer Felix Zenger.

Publisher: Seacrest OY SCR1019


  1. The Searchers Prelude (Gustavson)
  2. The Searcher (Strandberg)
  3. UnderConstruction(Strandberg)
  4. Freedom and Honor (Gustavson)
  5. Wizard Samba (Virtanen)
  6. Busy Weekend (Strandberg & Zenger)
  7. Lets Get Started (Strandberg)
  8. Freedom and Honor Part II (Gustavson)
  9. Chilin (Virtanen)
  10. Lets Get Started Live (Strandberg)
  11. Love Trusts (Gustavson)
  12. The Searchers Departure (Gustavson)


  • Jan-Olof Strandberg: bass, keyboards
  • Sami Virtanen: guitar & keyboards
  • Jukka Gustavson: keyboards & vocals
  • Jartsa Karvonen: drums & percussion
  • William Suvanne: Tenor sax & flute
  • Felix Zenger: beatbox (Busy Weekend)
  • Tatu Turpeinen: programing & keyboards (Busy Weekend & Lets Get Started Live)
  • Perttu Siren: claps & samples (Lets Get Started Live)

Produced by: Jan-Olof Strandberg & Sami Virtanen

Recorded by: Sami Virtanen at SV Studios, Pete Asiala at Ambience Studios, Tatu Turpeinen at Sellosali Concert Hall and S.T Studio

Photography by Per-Olof Strandberg

Mixed by Sami Virtanen & Tatu Turpeinen (Lets Get Started Live & Busy Weekend)

Mastered by Tatu Turpeinen

Cover art by Kimmo Heikkilä

Layout design by Kimmo Heikkilä

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