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Cody Wright, Defiant One – December 2018 Issue

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Cody Wright, Defiant One – December 2018 Issue

It is with great pleasure that I get to interview Cody Wright for this month’s cover here on Bass Musician Magazine.

It is rare to meet a young, full-rounded music maker these days that is ready and willing to go all the way when it comes to maintaining and chasing the dream of becoming their own entity in a world of great players and performers.

Cody Wright is clearly that person to me….

Developing his love of music and games at a very young age, as well as having become a very prolific guitar player for most of his career, Cody decided to take a quick left turn, shifting his role and becoming a bass player.

Combining his years and love of guitar he quickly became a sought after bass player and side man for such artists as Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, Eric Gales, Albert CummingsGhost-Note, Jazz is Phishthe Everyone OrchestraJeff Sipe, Billy Cardine, and The James Brown Dance Party.

In the new year Cody will be officially releasing his first solo CD and vinyl entitled Star Festival.

In Part 1 of this interview Cody discusses the process of recording and putting together his first solo offering. He also divulges all of the people he worked with and the special guests that take part in the making of Star Festival.

Cody also gives great advice on getting your priorities and project chops together, as well as some really cool personal stories that are truly inspiring.

I encourage you to listen to the two interviews as Cody has really found a way in becoming an old school, new school hybrid that we can all get inspired by… and he’s also one of the nicest, coolest guys on earth.

Cody Wright, Part 1

Cody Wright, Part 2

In Part 2 of this interview Cody’s discusses his love of games and game music.

He shares how he got the gig for ToeJam & Earl and what it took to write the soundtrack for one of his favorite childhood games.

He also shares his advice on how to approach your new projects and soundtrack writing; this is some serious motivation that comes from true experience and the love of following through on your dreams and goals.

See Cody in action – check out this official ToeJam and Earl video:

Cody also talks about what’s going on in the new year and his tour with Jazz is Phish.

Keep your Eyes and Ears open for Star Festival as well as the ToeJam & Earl soundtrack. For more on all that is Cody Wright you can go check out

Thanks for watching you guys totally rock!!! M

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