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Freaking Out with Freekbass, January 2019 Issue

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Freaking Out with Freekbass, January 2019 Issue

Freaking Out with Freekbass Part 1…

Welcome to the first issue of Bass Musician Magazine for 2019!

To kick off this Basstastic year we started it off on a SUPA-Funky note with none other than the man they call Freekbass.

I did a really cool 3 part interview in 3 locations with the Funky One and really connected the dots on all that is Freekbass, including life lessons and advice that will inspire you all in one way or another.

In Part 1 of this interview we will be discussing how he got started, his influences and his die-hard belief in Feel and Pocket when it comes to Bass and writing grooves.

We also get into his Signature Stonefield Freekbass as he shows you his double-thumb technique.

All this is followed by tripping on Freekbass’s favorite go-to effects and a few personal, really funny pedal board facts and stories that might have even happened to you.

The interview closes with talking about his creation process and how to get things done.

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to watch part 2, coming next week.

You guys funking rock!!!

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