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Casey Abrams Releases Jazz

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An album that hearkens back to the golden era of Jazz on Manhattan’s 52ndstreet, where smoke filled rooms played host to after-hour jam sessions, where musicians got together with their peers to play the music that touched their souls. Casey Abrams is the centerpiece of a tremendous ensemble that includes Jimmy Greene (Sax), Mark Whitfield (Guitar), Anne Drummond (Flute), and Giveton Gelin (Trumpet).

Jazz is the culmination of decades of combined mastery and skill of the participating players, presented through the lends of a dozen songs from the annals of the greatest American art form…Jazz. From “Why Don’t You Do Right” to “Autumn Leaves” or “The Girl From Impanema”, you’ll hear one of the most unique voices and personalities to enter Jazz in decades present this material to you as if it were the first time.

The album was recorded in stunning high definition fashion using our new recording methodology which features a stereo ribbon microphone capturing crystal clear vocal performance and the immaculate acoustics of the church in which the album was recorded. This new recording style will leave you feeling like the band is right in front of you while still creating at timeless presence that will have you coming back for years to come. 

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