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Sons Of Silver Digs Deep With Latest Single “Down”, Featuring Candlebox Bassist Adam Kury

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Sons Of Silver Digs Deep With Latest Single “Down”, Featuring Candlebox Bassist Adam Kury

Acclaimed Band Features All-Star Lineup Including Original Pearl Jam Drummer Dave Krusen (Hall Of Fame Inductee), Former Last December Vocalist Peter Argyropoulos, Candlebox Bassist Adam Kury, Former Skillet Guitarist Kevin Haaland and Esteemed Keyboardist And Vocalist Brina Kabler.

After releasing back-to-back, critically-acclaimed songs earlier this year, renowned alt indie rockers Sons Of Silver are back with one of their most introspective and hook-laden songs to date.

Released today (June 7), “Down” showcases another side to the complex, hard-working LA quintet with a track that strikes just the right balance between moody and mercurial – all to the backbeat of Hall Of Fame Drummer Dave Krusen’s groove-infested style.

However, according to Frontman Peter Argyropoulos, he didn’t think too much of the song when he first wrote it and he certainly didn’t think the band would embrace it the way that they did.

“’Down’ was one of those songs that just fell into my lap shortly after returning home from tour,” said Argyropoulos. “But, I didn’t think much of it and I definitely didn’t think the band would think much of it. Funny thing is, they immediately loved it and had a vision for it. Guitarist Kevin [Haaland] really found some magic and ended up playing almost all of the guitars. Then, Dave [Krusen] made a last second decision to lay a mini snare drum on top of his main snare and play the mini, high-pitched drum. Yes, that’s correct, he played one snare stacked on top of another. Pretty cool. It gave a nice boost to the energy of the track.”

The song wasrecorded and mixed by Keyboardist Brina Kabler (mixing with engineer, Brian Scheuble) at Argyropoulos and Kabler’s home studio. In conjunction with the release of the band’s third single from their forthcoming EP, Sons Of Silver also debuted a riveting new video for “Down” that, according toArgyropoulos, features intimate live performance footage of the members that was captured in only a few takes.

“The recording and video were made in a couple of hours. We had a day off in NYC while on tour last week and figured we’d put the time to good use,” he said. “Our friend and unofficial sixth member of the band, Dean Dichoso, produced and mixed it. Those are normally Brina’s duties. But, she was playing keys. Anthony Fernandez shot and edited the video. It’s a live performance. We did a couple of takes and I think we used the first one. It’s good to do capture moments like this when on the road because the band is in ‘performance’ mode. Everything was done at The Bunker recording studios in Brooklyn. Great studio and great staff.”

The group’s collaborative song-writing style, signature sound and collective years of experience, is what make Sons Of Silver such a phenom in the indie alt scene. In fact, each of its members has dedicated his or her entire careers to performing in platinum-selling and award-winning outfits. In addition to Krusen (who was recently inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame with Pearl Jam) and Argyropoulos (who served as the frontman for the renowned Last December) the group comprises such all-star performers as Candlebox Bassist Adam Kury, former Skillet Guitarist Kevin Haaland and Keyboardist and esteemed Engineer Brina Kabler,

“Down” is available on all major platforms and through the band’s web site

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