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Robbie Merrill, Decades of Rock: November 2019 Issue


Robbie Merrill, Decades of Rock: November 2019 Issue

Cover Interview with Bassist Robbie Merrill…

In 1995 Godsmack formed as a band and bassist Robbie Merrill was there from inception. Now, 24 years later, they are going strong and working as hard as ever.

Robbie Merrill, Decades of Rock- November 2019 Issue COVER Image
Cover Photo, Paris Visone

Not only does Godsmack lay down some serious Rock on stage, but they recently released their album “When Legends Rise,“ which includes their song “Under Your Scars” the inspiration for  The Scars Foundation.

The Scars Foundation was established by Sully Erna and Godsmack, who have lost an overwhelming number of fellow artists and friends to suicide over the past few years. These losses had a profound effect on Sully. Realizing that mental health issues -including depression- are at the core of this epidemic, Sully is committed to using his platform to help.

Join me as I chat with Robbie about his beginnings, his journey and the plans for the future.

Godsmack Featured Videos:

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