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Billy Sheehan, All Strings Attached: June 2020 Issue

Bassist Billy Sheehan

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Billy Sheehan, All Strings Attached: June 2020 Issue

Billy Sheehan, All Strings Attached: June 2020 Issue

Bassist Billy Sheehan…

Cover Photo, Paul Citone

Without getting into a big, creative intro regarding one of the world’s most legendary, influential bass players and performers of all time, (Sons of Apollo – The Winery Dogs – Mr. Big – David Lee Roth Band – Talas), I will tell you right off the bat that Billy Sheehan is so much more than a bass player who has been living his dream for over 50 years as a force with his approachable and down to earth qualities still intact. 

It is Impossible to span an over 5-decade career touring the world with the biggest bands on earth and come out the other end as an even stronger, wiser, more energetic, grateful human being that still happens to do what he loves with the passion of a 16-year-old in a 67-year-old custom body, mind, and career designed, maintained, and upgraded by Billy Sheehan himself.

Impossible – unless you are lucky enough to meet the right person that will say the right words at the right time, who has actually been through it all and is willing to speak with you and share the secret to the longevity of becoming a player and a fun-loving person that happens to be a musician.

Yes, Billy is a real nice and fun guy.

But Billy is also a really serious guy who finds the fun and personal thrill in being serious.

It’s a rare quality that really resonates with me and I was inspired to find it in Billy. This cover interview felt less like an interview and more like an awesome conversation between two music veterans sharing rock and roll war stories around a digital campfire.

We want to thank Billy for the quality time he spent with us right here on Bass Musician Magazine. Now let’s not waste one more second. Listen to this interview right now… you’ll be happy you did!

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