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Chromatic Scale Exercises

Chromatic Scale Exercises

This month we will cover chromatic scale exercises…

You will be on your way to being a better bass player and understanding the chromatic scale better with these exercises. Now, this is just a sample of the exercises below. For each one, I want you to take each letter name and write down these exercises for each of them to practice. 

These exercises have a purpose to help you learn and understand the chromatic scale. I always like to start with the root and end on the octave or root. This just gives a nice flow and progression throughout the exercises. 

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Key notes for these chromatic scale exercises:

Look at the BPM (beats per measure) – If you have your own metronome use it to play these exercises. If not, there are free online metronomes that you can use to practice. I am going to be playing these exercises at 100 BPM.

Take your time! If 100 BPM is too fast for you, slow it down to maybe 80 BPM to start. If the 100 BPM is too slow for you, speed it up! These exercises are meant to have fun! The point of playing music is to have fun and love what you do. Using the example exercises create your own or write a song if you want. 

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