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Review: Ahmad Hani, Aloof

Ahmad Hani, Aloof

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Review: Ahmad Hani, Aloof

Review: Ahmad Hani, Aloof

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Ahmad Hani, Aloof…

I am always fascinated at how the bass can be utilized so differently in World Music. In many Middle Eastern cultures, the modern Arab tone system is used, creating 24 equal divisions or 24-tone equal temperament out of an octave.

Back in 2017 Ahmad shared a lesson explaining ways of fusing the Hijaz scale or Makam with famous Jazz progressions such as the blues progression and the 251. VIEW LESSON HERE

In “Aloof” Ahmad treats us to a collection of nine songs that are sure to expand your view of the creative capabilities of our beloved instrument with his masterful performance. Entirely instrumental and performed solo, each track elicits a different feel and emotion. The whole experience will make you look at music in a new light. Find a comfortable chair, relax, listen, and enjoy this musical gift.

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