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Review: Electric Blue

Bassist Mark Egan and Drummer Danny Gottlieb Team Up on Electric Blue

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Review: Electric Blue

Review: Electric Blue

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Electric Blue, Featuring Mark Egan on Bass…

Bass and drums always have a very special bond, but this is greatly augmented when they are the only two instruments being played. This is the case with Mark Egan and Danny Gottlieb’s new album, “Electric Blue”.

Interview with Bassist Mark Egan

The CD features eight original tracks co-authored by Mark and Danny. We are treated to some serious musicianship where each has ample opportunity to shine but maintains the symbiotic bond of musical flow. There are generous helpings of soloing and grooving. They explore a variety of rhythms and styles and push the limits of Jazz as we know it.

As our focus is bass, Mark simply blows us away with his amazing virtuosity. If bass is your thing, prepare to be astounded and inspired.?

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