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Rhonda Smith, the Future is Female: September 2020 Issue

Rhonda Smith, the Future is Female: September 2020 Issue

Bassist Rhonda Smith…

It is with great pleasure that I got to interview bassist Rhonda Smith, one of the world’s hottest, most accomplished bass players for this month’s September 2020 cover issue.

She’s so cool that I had to turn her into a cartoon that would represent her personal female power.

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In these back-to-back interviews, we cover her journey from her past into the future and where we are today in music. And side-note… she will also be the official First Morley girl icon in over 50 years!

The little girl from Halifax, Canada moved to Montreal in order to conquer her musical desires as a female bass player, which was still pretty rare in those days.

 It didn’t take long before she climbed to the top of the Canadian music ladder, working with the top artists that were in the spotlight at the time.

I remember meeting her in her early beginnings and already I could see that she was special, very well-spoken, highly motivated, totally professional, as well as being at the top of her game from the very start.

That attitude, combined with hard work and showing up for her destiny, encountered a meeting with the great Sheila E.

This led to an over ten-year relationship as Prince’s ‘main lady of bass’, where she would get put through the personal boot camp, led by Prince himself.

This was followed by another 10 (and ongoing) years as the bottom-end bass drive of the infamous Jeff Beck.

In this two-part interview, you will really get a deep understanding of all the ins and outs of the beyond-amazing journey of Rhonda Smith. Her advice that comes from decades of persistence and showing up for your true life’s calling, which is exactly what Rhonda is all about – all the time.

In this first part of the interview, we will be discussing what it’s like to be in the veteran camp as well as Rhonda’s early beginnings and her first all-girl band.

We also talk about what it takes to develop trust and loyalty from the world’s most successful artists of all time, followed by a deep dive into what it was like working by Prince’s side for over a decade.

Part 1 of this interview finishes on the note of what is the difference between working with Prince vs Jeff Beck.

This interview has a truly fantastic flow, like two old friends talking that you happen to be able to listen in on. It has some of the most inspiring and unheard stories and advice by the queen of bass herself: Rhonda Smith.

Rhonda Smith | “RS2” : Recommended Listening

Do not forget to watch part 2 as you will be blown away by all that Rhonda Smith has to share with you in this intimate 1-on-1 interview with bass player and artist extraordinaire.

In Part 2 of the interview, we will be discussing how Rhonda’s disciplined approach is very similar to martial arts, as well as adapting to the new world situation as an artist.

We will also find out what Rhonda’s life is all about when she is not playing bass, including embracing technologies within her writing and creative process.

From her love of effects for live and recording, her love of her Prs Private Stock Bass to what she thinks of the power of fashion within her creative expression: it’s all here in glorious detail.

The talk continues with some amazing heartfelt advice for aspiring women and artists alike to live by, in order to achieve their true life’s calling.

The interview concludes with what’s going on with Rhonda Smith right now and moving forward into the future.

I want to thank Rhonda Smith for a beyond-amazing interview and wish her the best on her bass and creative journey in continuing to inspire women and the world with her multiple talents.

Be sure to follow her on all her social media:
Instagram: @rhondasmithbass
Facebook: @Rhonda Smith

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