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Review: Patrick Andy, Mifalia

Review: Patrick Andy, Mifalia

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Review: Patrick Andy, Mifalia

Review: Patrick Andy, Mifalia

ALBUM ON OUR RADAR: Patrick Andy, Mifalia

Mifalia… I have always been a fan of Madagascar native bassist Patrick Andy’s music. He is an amazing bassist and plays with superb technique.  Patrick imparts his flawless syncopated groves into his music giving that unique feel of his homeland. He also incorporates many instruments you may not recognize but are really cool.

“Mifalia” is a collection of Christian music songs that are full of joy and praise. Patrick has a long list of talented guest performers on every track and these are mostly his original compositions. The arrangements are extraordinary and precise. The attention to detail is without comparison and the rhythms and tempos simply blow me away.

This album is entirely a worship piece, the music is energetic and uplifting and is easily enjoyed by everyone no matter where their beliefs lie.

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