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Review: Acoustik Attak Picks

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Review: Acoustik Attak Pik

Review: Acoustik Attak Pik

Acoustik Attak Pik Review

Whether you are ‘in’ to picks or not when playing bass, the Acoustik Attak Pik offers a great way to get a unique, aggressive sound without any expensive, special gear, and are worth giving a try.

Acoustik Attak shares…

By combining sophisticated engineering methods, sound science, and creativity, we produced the Attak Pik picks, born from the idea that sound effects should be easy to achieve without complex expensive gear. The Attak Pik is a revolutionary development that allows the modern guitarist or bassist to develop a unique tone and utilize effects in an inexpensive way. We chose to debut the product by launching two models, Attak and Ambush, both made to enhance the sounds our ears were meant to hear.

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