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Video: Bass Players and the Spark Amp, With Rudy Sarzo

Video: Bass Players and the Spark Amp, With Rudy Sarzo


Looking for the lowdown on the Spark Amp & App?

In this remote product presentation, I had the opportunity to sit down with Rudy Sarzo via Skype for a detailed conversation about the Spark Amp & App by Positive Grid (The Best-Selling Practice Amp of 2020).

If you thought this was just for guitar players – or it is just a practice amp – Rudy will dispel these misconceptions and instead share the MANY possible ways bass players can utilize this very cool, compact system (as he likes to call it).

In this almost 30 minute conversation direct from his home, Rudy gives us a detailed lowdown to the plethora (one of Rudy’s favorite words) of ways he is personally using the Spark.

His excitement was so inspiring that it made me want to hop online to get one, especially during the pandemic. Rudy showed me exactly why the Spark Amp & App system has a lot to offer any musician and their creative efforts.

Features include:

  • Auto Chords – Automatically display guitar chords for millions of songs
  • Voice Command – Control the app without lifting a finger
  • Tone Engine – Hyper-realistic bass and guitar amp modeling and effects
  • 10,000+ Tones – A massive, ever-growing tone library
  • Full Range Sound – Deep, loud and immersive speaker and amp combo design
  • Home Recording – Use Spark as your USB audio interface
  • Electric, Bass and Acoustic Guitar Amp – Versatile tone for any instrument
  • Plug In and Play – A full-range guitar amp designed for all levels of players

To find out more about the Spark Amp and App, click here

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