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Video: Keith Stixx On the NEW Tsunami V-15 Preamp + Sound Samples

Tsunami V-15 Preamp

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Video: Keith Stixx On the NEW Tsunami V-15 Preamp + Sound Samples

Video: Keith Stixx On the NEW Tsunami V-15 Preamp + Sound Samples

The NEW Tsunami V-15 Preamp is here!

The Tsunami V-15 is an all-tube Class A preamp designed by legendary tube amp builder Bruce Egnater. It features two blend-able channels, inspired by the iconic B15 amp for pure tube goodness!

We sat down with Keith Stixx, Founder and President of Tsunami Cables, to get the low-down on what this preamp is capable of. Included in the video are sound samples, where he rounded up different members of the Tsunami family to demo the V-15, each with their unique style and gear. Check this out…

Preorders open today, with an initial run of 30 units.

Important: Many units have already been sold to current Tsunami artists, recording studios and reserved for promo/marketing.

As this first production run of the Tsunami V-15 is taking place during a pandemic (with continued delays on all levels of manufacturing), Keith is anticipating a shipping timeframe of July 2021. Once the first run sells out, the second run will become available for purchase.

More n the Tsunami V-15 Preamp…

Channel 1 (top channel) is inspired by the early 60s design and utilizes a 6SL7 tube. Channel 2 (bottom channel) takes a nod from the early 70s with a 12AX7 tube. Each channel has independent treble and bass controls, as well as high boost and high cut switches. The front has an instrument-level thru output as well as a stereo headphone practice amp. The back of the preamp features an XLR Balanced Output (-20dB pad and ground lift switches), and 1/4″ line-level output. An additional feature is a true bypass mode option, where the thru output (front) is not affected by the preamp (the XLR / Line level outputs are always affected). Bypass can be achieved by either the rear bypass switch or an optional momentary foot-switch.

The Tsunami V-15 Preamp measures 6″w x 4.5″h (w/handle) x 13″l with a weight of 6.5lb.

For more information, visit online at / follow @tsunamicables on Facebook & Instagram

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