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Daniel Romeo, Born to Play Bass: December 2020 Issue

Daniel Romeo, Born to Play Bass


Daniel Romeo, Born to Play Bass: December 2020 Issue

Daniel Romeo, Born to Play Bass: December 2020 Issue

Daniel Romeo…

Daniel Romeo - Bass Musician Magazine - December 2020

It is my honour to introduce you to our December cover interview, Mr. Daniel Romeo. He is an exceptional Belgium bass player, producer, and all-around super, human being.

I had discovered him through an amazing luthier Paul Belgrado, who has been making and tweaking his basses for over 25 years.

The first thing I noticed was this man was on fire with a fretless bass, going from beautiful jazz to pure funk and rock as well as being right at home using a wah-wah pedal like he was born with it under his foot, which he practically was as he will explain in this interview.

Daniel Romeo, Born to Play Bass

The other thing I noticed, besides his incredible tasty technique and chops, was his infectious energy.

It was as though he was using the energy of his inner fire to propel him in and out of every note making his technique appear like an afterthought.

I can also relate to the whole Daniel Romeo package and approach to creating, writing, and surrounding yourself with the mofos of the industry in order to deliver the highest quality and energy of his hybrid-style of writing and playing bass.

It is so obvious to me that there is that little something extra that has personally reminded me about the power of playing your energy instead of notes all the time and that makes me feel alive and love music and playing like when I was a kid.

The other thing that excites me about this interview is that it is the first one I do in French.

I put subtitles and also speak English sometimes but there is a whole other type of intensity and dynamic when switching languages as well as getting to reach new people that mainly speak French. It will be very cool for all of you bass lovers to get to discover or even rediscover in a different way the Magic playing and words delivered by Mr. Daniel Romeo in this exclusive interview right here on Bass Musician Magazine.

I know that you will just love this interview as much as I loved doing it.

Sit back, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to have your mind blown in the best way possible.

So, without further ado let’s check out the life and times of the one and only Daniel Romeo.

I wish you a beautiful day, You guys totally rock!!! 


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