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Interview with Bassist Matt Geraghty

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Interview with Bassist Matt Geraghty

Interview with Bassist Matt Geraghty

It was a pleasure to sit down with Matt Geraghty for this virtual interview!

This busy bassist is a Latin Grammy Nominated multi-instrumentalist, as well as a music producer best known for his cross-cultural and inclusive music collaborations across New York City, Chicago, Europe and Latin America. 

In 2018, one of his many projects, JUST PLAY, resulted in an album and documentary called “The Warrior Women of Afro-Peruvian Music.”  In 2020, JUST PLAY and the 9 Afro-Peruvian female artists were nominated for a Latin Grammy for the 10-part music documentary in the category of Best Long Form Music Video

With strong voices and stellar musicianship, these artists pose a challenge to racism, sexism and marginalization, seizing their place in Peru’s musical culture and beyond. Visit online at

Let’s catch up with Matt…

Visit online at

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