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Video Tutorial: How to Restring a Bass

Video Tutorials: How to Restring a Bass

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Video Tutorial: How to Restring a Bass

Video Tutorial: How to Restring a Bass

How to Restring a Bass is a skill that every bass player needs to know.

Yes, at some point you will need to know how to restring a bass. You never know when you will be on the road and need a new set of strings for a gig, or just want to play around with different string options to help hone your perfect sound.

Master this skill with John Carruthers, a Master Luthier with over 50 years of experience, and Jeff Suta, a repair specialist at Ibanez. With these two step-by-step video tutorials, you can master this skill in no time.

Restring a Bass Guitar with John Carruthers

Master Luthier John Carruthers walks you through restringing a bass guitar.

Restringing Your Bass Guitar with Jeff Suta

Guitar repair specialist Jeff Suta shows us how they restring basses in the Ibanez workshop.

Both videos feature Elixir Bass Strings

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