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Interview with Nick Blacka of GoGo Penguin

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Interview with Nick Blacka of GoGo Penguin

Interview with Nick Blacka of GoGo Penguin

Interview with Nick Blacka of the band GoGo Penguin…

Nick Blacka is the bassist for Manchester-based acoustic-electronica band GoGo Penguin. He studied jazz double bass at Leeds College of Music before returning to Manchester and playing regularly on the city’s vibrant music scene. In 2012 he joined GoGo Penguin and since then has performed at some of the world’s most prestigious festivals and concert venues.

GoGo Penguin have been internationally hailed as electrifying live performers, innovative soundtrack composers, and as a collective who channel electronic and club culture atmospheres alongside, minimalist jazz and rock influences to create music that pulses and flows from the dancefloor to meditative inner worlds, transporting us into brand new realms.

GoGo Penguin’s 2014 album v2.0 was named a Mercury Prize album of the year. In 2015 they signed to Blue Note Records and released the albums Man Made Object in 2016 and A Humdrum Star in 2018. Their EP, Ocean in a Drop (Music for Film) was released in October 2019 and their eponymous fifth album GoGo Penguin was released in 2020.

GoGo Penguin: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

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