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Rock For a New Generation, Wolfgang Van Halen

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Rock For a New Generation, Wolfgang Van Halen: June 2021 Issue

Rock For a New Generation, Wolfgang Van Halen: June 2021 Issue

Cover interview with Wolfgang Van Halen…

Photo, Bryan Beasley

Growing up, Van Halen’s music was an essential load-bearing column for my musical Identity.

I was totally into their music videos on MTV and had more than a few of their cassettes in my collection. There were a massive amount of upbeat, hard-rocking songs that fit perfectly into my everyday life and energized us all as a generation.

Fast forward to current times, and I am stoked to have the opportunity to chat with bassist Wolfgang Van Halen who for many years played with the iconic band alongside his father, the late, great Eddie Van Halen. 

Wolfgang is an amazing musician in general and his upcoming album, Mammoth WVH is a mind-boggling masterpiece where he does it all himself. From conception to final execution, each track demonstrates enormous attention to fine detail that can only come from a process that took years. 

Mark my words when I tell you that this will be the first of many excellent works to come and I suspect that Wolfgang will be the strongman of Rock and Roll, bringing his music to today’s youth the way his dad did for me decades ago.

Join me as we hear about Wolfgang’s musical journey, cool details about Mammoth WVH, his gear selections to achieve his unique iconic sound, and his plans for the future.

Without further ado… here is Wolfgang Van Halen!

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