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Ferocious Bass, Mohini Dey: November 2021 Issue

Ferocious Bass, Mohini Dey: November 2021 Issue

Bassist Mohini Dey…

Bass Musician Magazine - Mohini Dey - Nov 2021
Nathan Sigman Photography

Mohini Dey… I always marvel when I get a chance to talk to musicians from other parts of our world. We have so much in common and yet so much is different when it comes to our musical experiences.

I was very excited to have the opportunity to chat with a real force of nature from India, Mohini Dey. This very talented young bass player has had quite a musical career so far and has wide-open possibilities for the future.

Mohini plays with an unrivaled intensity and focus. The wolf face embedded in the tattoo on her shoulder would suggest to me that her life philosophy is as fierce and fearless as she displays to the world while performing.

Join me as we learn of Mohini’s musical journey, her inspiration, her future plans, and how she gets her iconic sound.

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