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Gear News: New Ashdown ABM EVO V Bass Amp

Gear News: New Ashdown ABM EVO V Bass Amp

Gear News

Gear News: New Ashdown ABM EVO V Bass Amp

New Ashdown ABM EVO V bass amp head delivers more power and dynamics…

It’s now 25 years since UK-based Ashdown Engineering shook up the bass world with the ABM (Ashdown Bass Magnifier) bass amp. With its distinctive vintage VU meter and a simple but versatile EQ section combining straightforward rotary controls with miniature sliders, the ABM partnered solid bass tone with variable tube grind and a feature set that gave players just what they needed to perform on stage and in the studio.
Over the years, the ABM platform has evolved with the times and the latest evolution is the new ABM EVO V, the sixth version of what continues to be the bass amp of choice for leading players around the world, including the Foo Fighters’ Nate Mendel, Biffy Clyro’s James Johnston, and Shavo Odadjian from System of a Down.
Traditionally sporting an ice-blue front panel, the ABM EVO V looks very different, moving to an all-black design that acknowledges the trend towards a more anonymous backline, although the trademark Ashdown illuminated VU meter remains very much in evidence. Indeed, the EVO V is the first ABM to feature VU meters for both input and output signals.
Under the hood, it’s all about power and headroom. A new 750-Watt output section is the most dynamic ever used in an ABM, gifting the amplifier with stunning power and response.
All the much-loved ABM features remain in evidence including 9 band EQ, 12AX7-powered Valve Drive, on-board compressor, and sub-harmonic control, with the UK-built EVO V adding mains voltage switching, temperature-controlled low noise cooling and a transformer-isolated DI output.
“Like everything we do, the ABM EVO V is developed in response to the needs of our customers” comments Ashdown MD Dan Gooday. “An increasing number of players have been asking if we can bridge the dual output sections of our ABM 1200 head. The new ABM EVO V answers that need for more power and dynamics.”
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