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New Gear: Safeguard Your Hearing with dBud

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New Gear: Safeguard Your Hearing with dBud

D’Addario is excited to announce a new joint-venture with EarLab’s dBud Earplugs, premium hearing protection for musicians and music fans, alike.

Through the partnership, D’Addario will release a new and improved design of the innovative product, providing comprehensive hearing protection without compromising sonic quality. 

As live music returns, performers, concert attendees, venue employees, and more can enjoy hi-fidelity sound without worrying about any damage to their hearing. dBuds’ award-winning acoustic filtering system and a patented volume slider allows users to reduce the volume by either 11dB, or 24dB.

“Working with D’Addario made the most sense,” says EarLabs, Christian Dittrich. “From their reputation in the music industry as the leading accessories manufacturer and their constant curiosity for innovation, we couldn’t think of a better home for dBud.”

Each set of earplugs comes with two dBud ear filters and five pairs of reusable silicone inserts (small, medium, large, etc.). Each earplug includes a magnet, allowing the pair to link together, along with a lanyard, so users can wear them around their neck when not in use.

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